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  Young plants We always deliver fresh plants  
    Our assortment is sold exclusively via DanPot and as such through the Danish exporters. Our key customers are primarily wholesalers and flower shops. Our plants are shipped in our own truck to the respective Aarhus terminals of Alex Andersen and Gasa Group. We are very conscious about the quality and freshness of our products. We are strongly committed to ship out fresh plants without using refrigerated storage areas, and for that particular reason we always recommend our customers to order as soon as possible.  
      Jens-Aage Nielsen
Sales manager
E-mail: 80396@gartneriet-vestervang.dk
Phone: +45 86-936067
Fax: +45 86-937999
  The Nursery Vestervang – Kirkebakken 25 – DK 8330 Beder – Phone + 45 86 93 60 67 – Lev-nr 80396  

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