Young plants Production – Our assortment  
  Hedera Young plants      
 Cuttings are delivered on vinesYoung plants 4 weeksHalf-finished 8 weeks 
 Season from week 18 until week 48Season from week 1 until week 52Season from week 1 until week 52 
  We constantly renew our motherplants  
  The cuttings are clipped twice. At first we clip vines from the motherplants, and afterwards we clip the individual cuttings of the vines. This ensures us that cuttings are mixed and as a result we are getting a very uniform production.
After the clipping we cover the tables with plastic on bows, to provide uniform rooting for all cuttings. After 2 weeks we cut open the plastic to let the plants acclimatize for a week, where after we remove the plastic completely.
All together a labour intensive process, but the result is a very uniform production of high quality plants.
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